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Gateway Insurance Company Ltd was incorporated and licensed to transact general insurance business in 1982 with one branch in Nairobi. From this humble beginning the Company has grown from strength to strength and has fifteen branches. It has three branches in Nairobi and twelve in other major towns with at least a branch in each province in Kenya. This growth has been a result of a clear vision by the founders and management of the Company who are committed to bringing efficient insurance services closer to the people especially in the rural areas.

Total client satisfaction remains the main focus of our Company. We are committed to the efficient handling and processing of clients documents, queries and claims, being conscious that speed and efficiency are the benchmarks of good insurance service. We are committed to the service of our customers and have constantly demonstrated our ability to meet our commitments.

In a world that is fast changing our Company has embraced technology and is committed to modernizing its procedures and systems. In this regard the Company is well equipped with the most modern communication technology facilities and capacity in order to deliver competitive and efficient services. Nearly all our procedures and systems are computerized.

Our Company strongly believes that our service is as good as the people we employ. We believe that a good and well trained manpower is a prerequisite for the success of any business enterprise. Therefore, in our recruitment policy, we only recruit the best in the field, who have good academic and professional qualifications with a proven track record of exemplary good conduct and high integrity.

Once recruited the staff undergo a rigorous internal and external training to ensure that they have the necessary skills to deliver efficient services to our customers and the public at large. We also encourage and provide opportunities for personal career development in order to help staff become more efficient. We believe, we have built a team of efficient, confident professionals with the skills to help in consolidating the gains that we have made and position the Company to play its rightful role and walk into the future with confidence.

The company has also embraced the principles of good corporate governance in its processes, systems and procedures. It has also encouraged the efficient use of resources and in its stewardship over the last 28 years. The company contributes to charity and assists the needy in our society from time to time. This is a testimony of our care as a responsible corporate citizen.

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